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Emerging IT markets showing strong growth

Certain emerging markets, notably in the Middle East and Africa, are showing particularly strong growth, especially in Cloud, SaaS and IoT technologies, with estimations that digital transformation in these regions will hit $38bn by 2021.** Now is the time to position your solutions on these markets, and compuBase can provide...

10 things (and more) to know before buying a database.

1. Ensure that your data consultant understands your business and the activities you are targeting.   This may seem obvious, but analysis of our quality control shows that targeting errors are more often than not caused by a problem related to understanding. This is particularly the case in the IT sector where acronyms...

compuBase consulting announces the release of the ICT Distribution Observatory for Africa.

There is no doubt that Africa is a major challenge for the ICT industry. With the strength of a young population, Africa will represent one in four people on the planet in 2050, and their needs will be tremendous. While the weak infrastructure of many African countries is a major handicap to development, it is also the...

Evolution of partners' technical skill sets

The following graph shows the top 10 technical skill sets in terms of progression in number of partners declaring to possess the skill in the compuBase worldwide ICT partner database.  

ICT Distribution in Algeria

Overview of IT & Telecom distribution in Algeria, including essential information to develop indirect sales, partners such as IT resellers, ISV, MSP, Vars... Algeria is part of North Africa; its economy is centralized and mainly driven by hydrocarbon activities. Regulations are important. 84% of companies are located in...
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