Channel Consulting

Database of ISVs

Software vendors have become one of the primary groups to be targeted by the IT & Telco industries. compuBase has the largest structured database for players in the IT, Telco & digital markets. Our database contains

What indirect channel for the Digital Signage and display peripherals?

Advances in technology are enabling the digital signage market to renew and grow. In the broadest sense, this market goes from the virtual reality headset to the big screens and the video projectors. This market covers both BtoB players and resale to individuals. Among the BtoB players we find service companies of manufacturers...

Database and lists of ERP integrators

The compuBase database has detailed information on companies working with ERP solutions. Volume of ERP integrators by size of sales target

ICT partners in Eastern Africa

If you have to choose a business hub for Eastern Africa, you may choose to be in the UAE or Kenya or, alternatively, Egypt. This region covers the following countries Burundi Comoros Djibouti Eritrea Ethiopia Kenya Madagascar Malawi Mauritius Mozambique...

ICT partners in Central Africa

The largest country in Central Africa is The Democratic Republic of Congo, but the richest countries, because of their oil resources, are Gabon and Equatorial Guinea, they are also the smallest. This region covers the following countries Cameroon Chad Central African Republic Gabon...
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