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Accessing our database/Statistics

Accessing our database: EMEA and NORTH AMERICA

Select your target country to make your own counts Access the counts for Germany Access the counts for France Access the counts for the UK Access the counts for Italy Access the counts for Spain Access the counts for Northern America Access the counts for all countries  ...

Accessing the database: compuBase online

compuBase provides a user friendly web application "compuBase online" which optimises ROI and simplifies the work of your team members, be they in marketing, sales or research. Try the platform for yourself compuBase online provides a web access to the data you have purchased ensuring you have the latest available update....

Database content

compuBase gathers information on all companies involved in the IT, telecoms and home digital sector. This ranking is done for the following activities: Resale, Service, Software Publishing, Manufacturers. In this context, compuBase gathers information according to the company's activity. Depending on the activity, only the...

IT & Telco Industry statistics

Create your own statistics with our online segmentation & counting application. Below are links to some of the most commonly requested stats and counts. By clicking on a country name, you will automatically access our “online segmentation and counting tool”. Using your own selection of the criteria provided you can start...

Creating a database

Working with database professionals when creating your CRM will save you time and money and improve your efficiency. Get a database for a country not currently covered by compuBase Expand your business to an IT target that compuBase does not cover or only partly covers Re-qualify your partner database Contact us we...

Comparison of content by subscription type

compuBase solutions are a combination of several factors: a target, a depth of information, and a commercial offering. Below is a list of content available by type of offering: DEPTH / TYPE RENTAL BASIC MODULE BASIC MODULE ADVANCED SHORT PROFILE...

The compuBase referencing platform

If you work in ICT you know the importance of being referenced on other sites. With the compuBase you can reference your company and website just once and be visible on multiple partner sites. Why get referenced? o Increase visibility by appearing automatically in multiple IT and telecom directories. o Access the latest...

Contact and company data counts

Overview of our database content for EMEA and America

Partners / Resellers / ISVs / MSPs / Integrators.... lists for business

compuBase provides partner lists and databases to companies looking to  recruit partners in the IT / Telecoms & Digital industries, for the regions EMEA and America. The following lists are purely indicative. Selections are made using  criteria such as  company size, technical skills, sales territory,...

European Cloud Partner Database

As more and more solutions are moving to the Cloud, the ecosystem that maintains this new business mode is diversifying. We have segmented our database to identify those partners already active in the Cloud, and those who are ready to integrate Cloud solutions into their catalogue. Here is a summary of the partner data we can...

New information base on IT and Telco partners in the United States and Canada

With more than 40 000 partners, this database primarily covers the reseller and service company markets for IT and Telecommunications. It will be expanded in the future to include software publishers. This database provides the means to contact nominatively 130 000 professionals on the North American continent.  

The most frequently requested ICT targets

Below are the top three categories of targets requested by our clients in the first two quarters of 2013

Security Resellers EMEA

The following graphs are taken from an analysis of security product resellers in the compuBase database. They show the percentage of resellers selling the top five brands of security products across EMEA - firewall hardware and software and anti-virus software. Statistics from our database also provide a global view of...

The most popular VARs targets

Below are the top three categories of targets requested of the moment

Overview of the compuBase database

The compuBase partner intelligence database is THE most comprehensive database on IT & Telecom companies for EMEA, and now includes North America, Canada and Latam. Database Overview
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