Try the online compuBase selection module

compuBase provides an advanced selection tool where you can play with multiple criteria to define and refine your target selection.

Extract of available criteria to find your ICT Partners

Try the online compuBase selection module
  • Geo
  • Activity
  • Revenue – Employee size
  • Market skills
  • Tech Skills
  • Types and brands of resold products
    • IT Systems resale
    • Printing systems and Printing services resale
    • Storage & Back up services, Hosting or Cloud services Resale
    • Network - Telecoms. (hardw & softw.) resale
    • Security (hard and soft) resale
    • Software, managed Services resale
    • Mobility or IoT products resale
    • Other peripherals & components resale
    • Other third party services resel.
    • Consumer Electronic Products resale
  • More criteria
    • Location type
    • Sales method
    • WW location
    • Creation date
    • Sales area
  • Vendors / Certifications
  • Turnover split by activity, customer type, method of sale...
  • Turnover split by product type sold (estimates)
  • Market based approach / compubase scoring

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