Subscriptions to the database

Comparing your data requirements and compuBase solutions

compuBase has an option for every type of organisation or campaign. Our consultants determine with you the best compuBase solution for your specific needs. From a simple datafile to a fully integrated solution, our products and services enable you to optimise your channel marketing. Our...

compuBase online: Features by license type

Your database requirements vary whether you are a database administrator, an analyste or a marketing professional. The following table summarizes the different features available for each type of database use. Document sans nom License type and features available Administrator Analyst Marketing User Direct Link...

Delivery format – and other useful information

By default, compuBase delivers its marketing files in the form of Excel files. An information base may be delivered in relational format. • German • English • Spanish • French • Italian

Comparison of the different ways to buy data

The following table summarizes the pros and cons for each of the three ways you can purchase our data: datafile purchase, subscription to the database or purchase of data credits.
Contact us for further details about pricing and the different options available.

Available database subscriptions

We offer different levels of subscription depending on the depth of information you wish to access in our database. Basic Module without options: for telemarketing and mailing operations on a regular basis  to a defined target: Click here to see the levels of information available for the Basic subscription Advanced...