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A guide to current opt-in requirements for emailing in Europe

A thorn in every email marketer's side, the opt-in rule varies widely from one European country to another. Below is a summary of the current situation regarding EU opt-in and opt-out regulations 

Contact email adresses

The compuBase database covers the main activities for the ICT market in EMEA Here is an overview of the number of email addresses available in our database  for each country/region and for each function.

You have received an email with our name in the sender's address

Why have you recieved an email from a manufacturer, ISV or other IT company with our name in the sender's address? The compuBase database is the leading database for ICT companies in EMEA. It contains detailed information on 160 000 IT and Telecom companies in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North and Latin America. The...

Managing emailing and postal mailing campaigns

compuBase can manage your direct marketing campaigns - including emailing and postal mailing campaigns. Together we define the best target for your message(s), using your selection criteria and our expertise. Our team provides advice for your HTML creations and email content to optimise the rendering and deliverability of your...

Purchase or rental of data for B2B marketing

If you are looking to rent or purchase contact lists of IT professionals compuBase has the most up to date, qualified B2B database of ICT profiles in EMEA. The compuBase database is : ICT company profiles  worldwide, ( in EMEA and in America), approximately  400 000  contact  profiles, 60% of...