Data & Marketing Services


Our services and solutions are developed on a unique information base: 165 000 profiles of companies in the IT, Telecom and digital sectors. We provide qualified lists for direct channel marketing, emailing and telemarketing campaigns. We provide: Access to our database to make your own counts and market  analyses...

Technical skill sets covered by the database

Each company profile in our database contains various information fields, one of which is the technical skill sets that the company has declared. Below you will find a list of the skills listed in the database and the corresponding volume of companies that declare they have that skill.

Database content

Below are various breakdowns of the content in the compuBase database for EMEA

IT channel marketing data

For all your IT Channel Marketing requirements, compuBase provides the largest and most qualified database of channel market players in EMEA and America. Whether you are looking to buy or rent data lists, to study a particular product or distribution network, to benchmark your company's position on the market, to analyze...

Volume of resellers in the compuBase database by product category

Here is an overview of the number of reseller profiles available in the compuBase database per product category. (Click on table to zoom) compuBase can provide information on over 120 000 IT & Telco companies across EMEA including contact information (address, telephone number and contact emails), product catalogues,...
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