Importing data via compuBase-online

The compuBase-online application allows subscribers to upload files of data they will be able to cross with compuBase data.

The files that can be imported must have the following formats : ".txt" / ".sel" / ".db" / ".xls"

To import a ".txt" file, you have two ways to match your data with ours: either by using the national ID code of the companies, either by using this code and the phone number and/or the fax number, to realise a more precise matching.

To import a ".sel", ".db" or ".xls" file, you can use file generated by compuExpert software to create corresponding KeyWord index in compuBase online.

To access the platform and start importing, click here.

Then follow the different steps:
1) Go to the left column and click on "IMPORT / MATCHING"
2) To import a ".txt" file, click on "Match your date with ours"
3) To import a ".sel", ".db" or ".xls" file, click on "Import a compuExpert file"