Lists of MSPs ( Managed Service Providers)

MSPs “Managed Service Providers” are considered the "Holy Grail" for many Cloud enterprises.

When a new expression starts to become popular one has to be extremely careful that everyone understands the same meaning behind it.  
One definition of an MSP could be : “A company commercializing remotely managed services, without owning the intellectual property or the infrastructure. As you can see, this is a fairly restrictive definition and would appear to exclude hosting companies, ISVs and telecom operators, including only companies that actually resell services.
Another definition might be A company commercializing their own or third party services managed remotely which would of course be more consensual, but the disadvantage would be that as it is a much broader definition it would have to systematically include exceptions. 

So how can we identify these famous MSPs?

One of our studies on  Cloud skills reveals three activities that stand out from the rest: Outsourcing (facilities management), hosting, and the integration of software solutions. These are currently activities which are the most adapted to service solution commercialization by third parties. 

Below is the potential volume of MSPs in our database, by type of service provided:

MSPs (Managed Service Providers)

In fact, the term “MSP”  doesn’t actually constitute an activity but rather a quality, the quality of being able to resell an hosted service .

The service may be Cloud solutions, for network administration, message hosting or web services, or even SaaS solutions. An MSP knows then how to sell services, how to sell them in a recurrent way, using the Cloud, has the human resources to provide consultancy and client support, and manages and invoices the client. 

This notion of “quality” means one can include all categories of activities as long as the commercialization is handled using third party solutions, for example a hosting company may be considered an MSP if its offer  includes  third party solutions (SaaS for example, or Cloud solutions for certain offers).

MSP - the most debated IT acronym?

MSPs by company size

Other Cloud Activities

MSPs by vertical market addressed

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