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Database of ISVs

Software vendors have become one of the primary groups to be targeted by the IT & Telco industries. compuBase has the largest structured database in EMEA for players in the IT, Telco & digital markets.
Our database contains over 24 000 companies that claim to have a software publishing activity for which 16 500 claim it is their main activity. compuBase is the leading source of information on this sector.

Software vendors interest all categories of technology providers. They often serve as relays to disseminate new technologies and solutions. Prized by large corporations in cloud computing for hosting their SaaS business, software publishers are also sought out by market places and other industries that want to see their software technology embedded.
Furthermore, they are positioned at a crossroads in terms of data streams which makes them an attractive target for those looking to monetize the goldmine that is their users’ data. 

ISVs by type of software

ISVs by main activity

How to target software vendors

We have many other criteria to enable  precise partner selection, here are the ones most commonly used to create quality targets:

- Number of employees or TO
- Number of developers
- Development Technologies
- Targeted vertical markets
-  Type of software produced
- Technical skills

These criteria and 250 others allow us to refine the target and maximize the ROI of your operations.

Contact us for more specific statistics or counts for your market.

A few examples of lists of software vendors available :

- Software companies in France ~4 200 companies
- Software companies in UK~ 1 400 companies 
- Software companies in Germany ~ 4 500 companies 
- Software companies in Spain ~900 companies 
- Software companies in Switzerland ~700 companies 


- Management Software Vendors ~9 700 companies  
- ERP Software Companies ~3 000 companies  
- CRM Software Vendors ~2 400 companies  
- Publishers of  industrial software ~1 400 companies 
- Software publishers for retailers ~2 700 companies 

NB: These figures evolve all the time. For a precise count you can either  make your own selections here  or you can contact us here - we'll be happy to provide the latest counts.