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compuBase web sites
This is the compuBase corporate web site providing information on all our activities, products, services and solutions.

compuBase web sites is a web portal for ICT distribution professionals providing information on:
How to develop your channel activity
ICT distribution in France
ICT stock availability
The ICT channel database


compuBase web sites
This web platform enables you to make your own on-line counts, create your targets and export the data fields you require (for subscribers to the database). It is designed to help sales, marketing and analyste professionals obtain the information they need quickly and in a user-friendly way.

IT Index

compuBase web sites
Access the directory of  over 120 000 IT & Telco company profiles in EMEA.


compuBase web sites
Register your company in the EMEA  IT & Telecoms directory 

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compuBase web sites
The web site for our event for value added distribution professionals  : Cloud, SaaS, Managed Services