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TYPE OF PRODUCT / SERVICE NAME SUBJECT DATA Rental Rental of addresses for direct mailing activities Contact Credit Annual rental of  addresses  for direct mailing purposes Data purchase – DATA...

Available documentation

Below is an access to various sales and training documents and information you may find useful Guide to using the online targeting module

Placing an order with compuBase

It is vital for us to serve our clients well; it is vital for you to be well served. Here is how we can achieve both.   1. Deciding together on the target and/or purpose of your campaign. 2. Deciding together on the compuBase offering and content or services that meet your needs. 3. Approving the quote together. 4....

Downloadable documents from compuBase

compuBase produces many documents to help you use our services and solutions. The majority of them are available on free download, some however, are subject to user registration. • About the delivery format  V3.03
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