ICT Distribution in Middle East - IRAQ - KUWAIT - QATAR - SAUDI ARABIA - UAE - YEMEN

Overview of IT & Telecom distribution in IRAQ - KUWAIT - QATAR - SAUDI ARABIA - UAE - YEMEN, including essential information to develop indirect sales; partners such as IT resellers, ISVs, MSPs, Vars...

ICT Distribution in Middle East - IRAQ - KUWAIT - QATAR - SAUDI ARABIA - UAE - YEMEN

Macroeconomic data for UAE (2014 if not specified)
General Data Macroeconomic Data
Area : 82,880 km² GDP/capita: 49,333.08€
Population : 9.266 million GDP/capita vs. US: 80.48%
HDI : 0.835 GDP growth rate : +4.6%

ICT Market Tendencies

In parallel with the current development trend in Middle Eastern countries, the ICT channel is characterized by the strategic junction between the traditional IT sector and consumer electronics. Channel partners, distributors and resellers are seeing their business expand to new markets, discovering new opportunities and defining new market strategies accordingly. As a result, large retail chains are diversifying their offerings in order to satisfy current Middle Eastern digital consumers especially with hardware offers. Given the early development stage of the ICT market, the hardware sector has managed to maintain a high level of demand these past few years.
The most important market in the region in terms of business capacity is UAE, its economy also influencing the Eastern African and South-Eastern Asian markets. Several large distributors are expanding their retail presence in the Saudi Arabian and UAE ICT markets. The simultaneous development of SMB companies also contributes to the expansion of the ICT sector.
In terms of market value, UAE's ICT market is number one; nevertheless, the most dynamic region remains Dubai, currently affected by the real estate crisis and the weakness of the local industry.
The multifaceted cultures in the Middle East influence the sector’s expansion. Strong growth and the high dependence on oil resources (mainly the price level) are the determining factors of an increased consumption to bring ICT levels up to international standards. The region is in the midst of a complete process to attract foreign investments and make UAE a technology hub; development projects in the Middle East include building economic centres. The banking sector remains one the largest vertical industries in terms of ICT investments over the next few years. With ongoing initiatives to create free trade zones, similar benefits should be felt by other economic sectors at the same time. The Gulf countries are investing huge amounts in ICT infrastructure in order to be at the forefront of the technology evolution phase.
In the telecommunications sector, the strong increase in mobile phone and internet usage during the early Y2K continues. As for 2007, UAE had the highest mobile penetration rate among the Middle Eastern countries followed by Saudi Arabia. The rise of internet has also contributed to the development of telecom infrastructures in the region and to the rise in demand for computer hardware technology.
Following the positive growth in the industry, opportunities have arisen in the Middle East for 3G, WiMAX, etc. This upgrade in terms of services is also strongly related to the development of the country’s infrastructure.
Over the next decade, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries are planning to spend approximately 25% of their infrastructure development funds on developing the ICT market. Government initiatives along with the liberalization and privatization of the telecom industry are fuelling ICT growth in the Middle East.

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ICT Distribution in Middle East - IRAQ - KUWAIT - QATAR - SAUDI ARABIA - UAE - YEMEN

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Distribution players: APTEC ONLINE (by INGRAM MICRO) ; REDINGTON GULF FZE (SAUDI) (AE); EASTRONICS Ltd (Israel) ; PC ZONE (Jordan)
IT Channel Press & Players: Channel Middle East (ITP), The Channel (IDG)



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