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Channel Consulting

Database and lists of ERP integrators

The compuBase database has detailed information on companies reselling or integrating ERP solutions . Volume of ERP integrators by size of sales target

Volume of company profiles available by category of products resold

We collect information about the resale of 10 product families and 80 sub-categories of IT product and solutions. The overall volume of companies working in resale for each of the 10 product groups is shown in the following table....

Systems Integrators

Systems integrators are an important link in the IT distribution chain. Definition of a Systems integrator (SI): A business that builds computing systems for clients by combining hardware and software products or solutions from multiple vendors....

Volume of companies by activity groups

Volume of companies working in manufacturing

Database of ISVs

Software vendors have become one of the primary groups to be targeted by the IT & Telco industries. compuBase has the largest structured database for players in the IT, Telco & digital markets. Our database contains
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Some of our Clients for Consulting Services
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