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ICT Distribution in Morocco

Morocco positions itself as the hub for north and western Africa, sharing the same geographical area and languages as European countries. Morocco is the strongest economy in North Africa. The strength of its economy stems from its diversification: agriculture, mining, tourism and industry. Since 2009 Morocco has taken various...

ICT Distribution in Tunisia

ICT partners in Tunisia

ICT Distribution in Algeria

Overview of IT & Telecom distribution in Algeria, including essential information to develop indirect sales, partners such as IT resellers, ISV, MSP, Vars... Algeria is part of North Africa; its economy is centralized and mainly driven by hydrocarbon activities. Regulations are important. 84% of companies are located in...

ICT partners in North Africa

The countries of North Africa include Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and the Western Sahara, Libya, Egypt, North and South Sudan. Historically, this region has strong economic ties to Europe and to the United Arab Emirates, and is often used as a platform by companies looking to develop their commercial activities on the African...

Resale and integration of ERP (Enterprise resource planning) and CRM (Customer-relationship management) solutions

To retain competitive edge, it is important for enterprises to have internal sytems that work synchronously. Systems that are not integrated mean higher costs due to greater resource consumption. We are often asked for lists of companies that sell or integrate CRM and ERP systems. Here are some figures from our database for...
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