Channel Consulting

Resale and integration of ERP (Enterprise resource planning) and CRM (Customer-relationship management) solutions

To retain competitive edge, it is important for enterprises to have internal sytems that work synchronously. Systems that are not integrated mean higher costs due to greater resource consumption. We are often asked for lists of companies that sell or integrate CRM and ERP systems. Here are some figures from our database for...

MSSP - Managed Security Service Providers,

MSSPs are key partners in the Security Partners worlds, let's have a look on them...

Try the online compuBase selection module

compuBase provides an advanced selection tool where you can play with multiple criteria to define and refine your target selection.  

Lists of ISVs available

compuBase supplies qualified lists of ISVs for Europe, the Middle East, Africa, The USA, Canada and Latin America. ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) have become a prime target for the IT and Telecom industries.  The number of companies outsourcing their software development is rising, and many large companies are now...

Emerging IT markets showing strong growth

Certain emerging markets, notably in the Middle East and Africa, are showing particularly strong growth, especially in Cloud, SaaS and IoT technologies, with estimations that digital transformation in these regions will hit $38bn by 2021.** Now is the time to position your solutions on these markets, and compuBase can provide...
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