Channel Consulting

Volume of companies by family of product types resold

Volume of companies reselling IT systems

Volume of IT & Telecom companies per size of client organisation targeted

Knowing the size of the client organisations a  partner company addresses allows you to determine if it has the sales and marketing ressources and expertise you require for the particular markets you are looking to target with your products or solutions. This is just one of  over 250 selection criteria available...

Vertical markets targeted by IT companies in EMEA and America

When making a selection of potential business partners it is important to know which vertical markets they address. Each market has its own specificities when it comes to the sales and marketing techniques required and it is better to work with partners who have some knowledge and experience of the vertical markets you want...

Volume of IT and telecom company profiles by type of establishment

The type of establishment can be an important criterion when targeting IT and telecom companies. Many of our clients request targets of company headquarters only. For each entity in the database we record  the type of establishment - Headquarter, branch, outlet... This information is also used when comparing the volume...

Volume of companies by number of employees

The IT and telecommunications industries evolve very quickly and a company's workforce can fluctuate considerably over time. Our database includes information on the number and positions of employees in each company. 
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