Channel Consulting

Top ISVs in Europe

2013 sees the launch of a new compuBase consulting operation to qualify the top ISVs in Europe. There are more than 25,500 software publishers in EMEA 92 % of EU software publishers have their HQ in Europe Less than 20 % of ISVs have a SaaS offer < 18 % for vertical software*   Very few generate the majority...

ISVs are the future for hardware manufacturers

Just as women are the future for mankind, ISVs are the future for hardware manufacturers Our industry is gradually entering into a phase of maturity. Gradually because, by its very essence, the level of creativity in IT means it will never definitively be a mature industry. Every year new inventions bring changes that...

New regional studies of France - the evolution of ICT market players from 2008-2013

compuBase consulting has just published 6 new regional studies of the French ICT channel and its evolution since 2008. These studies (written in French) are available on free download here Since 2008 the IT landscape in the French regions has seen tremendous change as have the different professions related to this...

The year of Cloud adoption by the Channel

Looking back on 2012, it is true to say it was a year that saw tremendous progress in terms of Cloud adoption in Europe. More than ever before the development of the Cloud & SaaS is really changing the IT landscape and dealing a new hand to the IT distribution eco-system - particularly the distribution landscape since even...

Finding the right service

Vendors' needs vary depending on the history and development of their indirect sales channel. The following should help determine which compuBase services are for you.
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