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Vendors' needs vary depending on the history and development of their indirect sales channel. The following should help determine which compuBase services are for you.

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Client Feedback

In this video, Michel Calmejane – Chief Sales Officer at OVH- explains how compuBase Business Intelligence enhanced OVH's market understanding, allowing them to use the appropriate, specific geomarketing when they targeted systems integrators and SaaS providers for their sales programme. The compuBase business portal...

compuBase Consulting

This activity comprises all our services and solutions designed to help vendors create, optimize and analyze their indirect sales channel - on a national and an international level. We provide:     Consultancy services for creating, optimizing and analyzing an indirect sales channel Customized market...

Client references

Since the company's creation over 20 years ago, compuBase has worked with virtually all the major manufacturers and software publishers. Here are a few client cases that illustrate our skills. Ranking of new companies in the client database to qualify their IT activity and incorporation of this information...
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