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West Africa

Economically West Africa is divided into two parts; Nigeria, which is strongly influenced by the oil and gas industry, and the rest of West Africa which is strongly influenced by raw materials and natural resources.
The main economic partners of this region are France, European countries, Morocco and China which has a...

North Africa

The countries of North Africa include Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and the Western Sahara, Libya, Egypt, North and South Sudan. Historically, this region has strong economic ties to Europe and to the United Arab Emirates, and is often used as a platform by companies looking to develop their commercial activities on the African...

How distributors (in collusion with manufacturers) are digging their own graves - to Amazon's advantage.

There have always been business mergers in this industry. If you take a look at key distributors such as Ingram, Tech Data, Also, (to name but a few), it’s obvious that maintaining a critical mass is an important aspect of their strategy. ​ It strengthens the power of negotiation with  major manufacturers; the...
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