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Symantec’s breakup is attracting hungry hordes

As Symantec has just sold its BtoB business to Broadcom and is looking for a buyer for its consumer business, competitors are rushing to snap up the brand’s partners for their own networks. It's not surprising, as the pie is big; Symantec has one of the largest distribution networks of any security brand. compuBase's figures...

Security Partners by Brands of Security solution providers

You may want to target partners by the brands they are reselling, here is the volume we have. List of Vars and Services companies by Top Security Brands - Click on a cell to see the list of companies

Lists of MSPs ( Managed Service Providers)

MSPs “Managed Service Providers” are considered the "Holy Grail" for many Cloud enterprises. When a new expression starts to become popular one has to be extremely careful that everyone understands the same meaning behind it.   One definition of an MSP could be : “A company commercializing remotely managed...

Who are the ICT partners for the Health and Care market?

Information and communication technologies, by providing new and more efficient ways of accessing, communicating, and storing information, play a key role in improving health care for individuals and communities. Health data requires secured Cloud plateforms, data collection points are more and more using IoT and securities...

What indirect channel for the Digital Signage and display peripherals?

Advances in technology are enabling the digital signage market to renew and grow. In the broadest sense, this market goes from the virtual reality headset to the big screens and the video projectors. This market covers both BtoB players and resale to individuals. Among the BtoB players we find service companies of manufacturers...
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