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ICT partners in North Africa

The countries of North Africa include Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and the Western Sahara, Libya, Egypt, North and South Sudan.

Historically, this region has strong economic ties to Europe and to the United Arab Emirates, and is often used as a platform by companies looking to develop their commercial activities on the African continent.

For the purposes of our ICT distribution study, we divided this region into two parts, the North West and the North East.
These two parts of North Africa have known different historical influences which have impacted their ICT economy in different ways. The western part has strong ties with Europe, particularly France, Spain and Italy, whose languages are spoken alongside Arabic.
The eastern part has more ties with the Middle East and is more Anglophone.


ICT partners in North Africa
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North West Africa covers the following countries:
Morocco and Tunisia are the most economically advanced countries in this region. 
Morocco is the region’s primary point of entry.
We estimate the  total number of  ICT partners for North West Africa to be  4,000. 



ICT partners in North Africa
North East Africa covers the following countries:
  • Egypt
  • North Sudan
  • South Sudan
Its main entry points are Egypt and the UAE .
Estimate of  total number of  ICT partners for North East Africa: 4500 partners.


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Estimate: Total number of  ICT partners* in North Africa

Activity and volume of partners  North Africa
Manufacturer 470
Software publisher 380
Publisher of software for a specific activity 510
Publisher of software for a specific process of companies 530
Software solutions integrator (developed by third parties) 270
IT services, Software development (hosting, maintenance, training, bespoke software development....) 2210
Telecom services (Telecom operator, ISP...) 330
Telecom & network infrastructure integrator 250
IT infrastructure integrator 210
Consulting 400
Reselling to individuals 950
Reselling to enterprises (hardware, software & services & assemblers) 1280
Wholesaler (resale of IT products to resellers) 490
Web agency 50
Other ICT related activities 170
Estimate of total number of locations 8500

Est from 2016

*Companies with more than 1 employee, > 150 K€ / year, at least 50% revenue in ICT solutions, services or products.

Key information for the North African Market 
Influences: Traditionally, most historical business ties with Africa can be correlated to the ex-colonial European countries: France, the UK and Italy. The Euro has a strong influence on this region.

Currencies used: $US, €, 

Languages spoken: Arabic, French, English

Point of entry: For Northern Africa, Morocco is a good place to market solutions and goods  

Demographics: According to the U.N. Northern  Africa will represent 14% of the population of the African continent by 2050.**

ICT Partners in Northern Africa by Country (available from compuBase)

ICT partners in North Africa

Volume of company profiles available from the compuBase database for North Africa

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