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Help for compuBase.biz users - Tutorials: Speed up your training

Below you will find tutorials that will help you with the compuBase.biz platform.


This section is primarily designed for paid subscribers of compuBase.biz. That is why in the tutorials, the interface layout is displayed in blue (as opposed to orange for non-subscribing visitors).
However, most of the features described also apply to visitors and registered but non-paying subscribers.
The only difference is in the color of the layout and the level of access to the visibility of information.
  • Orange Layout >>> Non Registered Visitors / Registered User/ Premium User
  • Blue layout >>> compuBase consulting Clients / Open Access User

List of available tutos

Already available
#1 Targeting module - Basic Notions:  Create a Simple Target.  
#2 Export contacts by choosing the Job Title
#3 Targeting module - Advanced Notions: Filters & exclusions
Coming next
#4 What is Open Access (Pay-per-view) formula & how does it work?
#5 What is Data & Web Access (Unlimited export of companies from your target) formula & how does it work?
#6 How to match your list w/our database?
#7 How to do an export w/additional fields (e.g., size, activity, vertical…)?

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Tutorial 1

#1 Tuto: Targeting module - Basic Notions: Create a Simple Target.

Creating an interesting target of companies requires selecting criteria: example Integrator in France of more than 5 people.
Then after having acted on this target, export, make statistics, save for later use etc...
This tutorial helps you understand how to easily use this interface. We've tried to make it easy to use, but this tutorial will let you enjoy it even more.

#2 Tuto: Export contacts by choosing the Job Title

Now that you know how to set a target, it's time to make your first export by choosing the contact's Job Title. It's not difficult to do, but our tips will save you time and answer the following interesting questions:

- What contact position is extracted when there is no contact with the selected job title or from the selected department?
- Is it possible to exclude records when the chosen contact position is not available?
- Is it possible to filter by hierarchical level without filtering by Job Title?


#3 Targeting module - Advanced Notions: Filters & exclusions

This tutorial explains how to use the targeting systems using filters and exclusions that are applied to multiple targets.
If you are not yet familiar with the targeting module please refer to Tutorial 1
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