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  The Cloud and SaaS, or applying Schumpeter’s theory of economic evolution.

   The 2012 Cloud distribution event PartnerVIP

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IT INNOVATIONS EXPO - 28-29 jan - Gothenberg Sweden

TECHDAYS - 12-14 feb - Paris France

DISTREE EMEA - 19-22 feb - Monaco France

INFOSEC - 23 -25 feb - London UK

CEBIT - 5-9 mars - Hannover Germany

Further information about these and other upcoming channel events is available here.


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Livre Blanc(Currently available in French)

White paper for IT and Telcopartners on the Cloud, SaaS and Managed services

Livre Blanc SaaS

(Available in French)

White paper on the impact of selling value added services (Cloud, SaaS, Managed Print Services...) on indirect distribution


German IT Study

(Available in English & German)

Information and key figures to address the IT & Telecom markets in Germany. Use: to understand the market structure when assigning territories and for evaluating market forces.

Italian IT Study

(Available in English & Italian)

Quantitative analyses of channel partners in the IT and Telecom markets in Italy by region and activity. Includes profiles of key players by market category, targets and marketing strategies.


Spanish IT Study

(Available in English & Spanish)
Analysis of the IT and Telecom markets in Spain by region and activity : Evolution of IT & Telecom activities, market players and sales methods

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The Cloud and SaaS, or applying Schumpeter’s theory of economic evolution.

Many people working in IT and telecoms tell me they find it a difficult world to leave. Even if the economic pressure of the last 10 years means it isn’t always as much fun as it used to be it is still true to say that this is a very attractive field to work in. One of the big attractions is the feeling that we are living an accelerated Darwinian experience and that ultimately we will be both players and observers of the changes taking place in the industry.

The arrival of the Cloud and SaaS in IT distribution is no exception to the ongoing rule that one has to constantly adapt to market changes. The parallel between Darwin and Schumpeter is important. Each placed evolution at the centre of their respective theory; for Darwin evolution is based on natural selection represented by incessant combinations of DNA and the elimination of the least well adapted. For Schumpeter evolution is companies’ capacity to innovate and find ways to create value in a market. At the heart of this process lies the inspiration for change, change often preceding need, which is why it can be difficult to anticipate change with market studies.

According to Schumpeter, the source of inspiration is the company director or, I should say, the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur is not motivated by financial gain alone, he or she is also motivated by a multitude of factors… many of which are irrational, which, in my opinion, probably explains why there are so many management schools and so few schools for entrepreneurs. So what has all of this got to do with the Cloud and SaaS? This: Many of our clients are asking us to help them find partners who can commercialize Cloud or SaaS solutions, Cloud Builders or Managed services resellers. How can you find the right market players...continue reading in your browser

PartnerVIP 2012


On 20th November 700 distribution professionals met at the Partner VIP event in Paris for a day of networking, one to one business meetings, conferences and workshops focused on the subjects of the Cloud, SaaS and Managed Services.
This was the second edition of PartnerVIP - a business event designed by distribution professionals to help market players tackle the multiple problems associated with Cloud solutions be they commercial, legal, financial or marketing issues.


111 785

Among the many workshops available there was a particularly strong interest for those given by the Cloud experts on such topics as:

Alliances as a strategic motor in added-value commercial development
Using social networks as a means of developing Cloud sales
Hosting strategies for SaaS applications
The impact of changes brought about by dematerialisation on the nature of the relationship between the client and the partner
...Conference and workshop presentations are available on free download here ( in French)

Feedback from this year’s event was very positive, read the reviews and has encouraged the organizers to open the event to a broader European public for 2013. The proposed date is 19 November 2013.
For more information about this event contact the organisers

Livre Blanc

compuBase Consulting published a special white paper for the PartnerVIP event. This white paper is currently available in French on free download.

An English version of the white paper, the "Cloud Distribution Guide" will be available soon. Reserve your copy here

Figure of the month

48% Percentage of software publishers in SaaS mode who host their own applications; this figure is taken from a survey of 341 SaaS publishers across France Germany and the UK.


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