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24-26 /09/2012 MED IT Alger – Algeria

25-27/09/2012 SIMO Network – Madrid Spain

9-10/10/2012 Discuss & Discover – Munich Germany

14-18/10/2012 GITEX Technology Week – Dubai UAE

17-19/10/2012 SMAU – Milan Italy

13-15 /11/2012 MED IT Casablanca – Casablanca Morocco

20/11/2012 PartnerVIP - Paris France

Further information about these and other upcoming channel events is available here.

Coming soon in November, the French Cloud Distribution event "PartnerVIP". Last year 95% of attendees said they wanted to return in 2012. Make sure you don't miss this year's event!


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Livre Blanc SaaS

(Available in French)

White paper on the impact of selling value added services (Cloud, SaaS, Managed Print Services...) on indirect distribution


German IT Study

(Available in English & German)

Information and key figures to address the IT & Telecom markets in Germany. Use: to understand the market structure when assigning territories and for evaluating market forces.

Italian IT Study

(Available in English & Italian)

Quantitative analyses of channel partners in the IT and Telecom markets in Italy by region and activity. Includes profiles of key players by market category, targets and marketing strategies.


Spanish IT Study

(Available in English & Spanish)
Analysis of the IT and Telecom markets in Spain by region and activity : Evolution of IT & Telecom activities, market players and sales methods

Consult the complete list of compuBase channel studies currently available


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1. Getting the right target:

It is important to be able to identify the right target for your message, but also to be able to access up to date information on it. Businesses change. Rapidly. Contacts, mail addresses, positions, company names and even core markets can evolve in a short space of time. It is important to use reliable data to ensure good campaign ROI and to save time.The more information you can access on a company the greater precision you can apply to target creation.

2. Getting the mail opened:
Open rates for the B2B communication in the IT industry vary depending on the target country. In our experience we see higher open rates in the Nordics and Germany, where the average open rate is over 25%, than in the UK for instance, where the average open rate is around 15%. France, Spain and Italy show roughly the same open rate averages 17-20%, with higher open rates when communication is in the country’s language.

The subject line is a crucial part of getting your target's attention and enticing them to open the message.
When it comes to writing the subject line for a campaign, think how you treat your own mailbox. Which are the messages you are most likely to open? How does your inbox scan work? (Inboxes are not read but scanned) – how much time do you apply to reading each subject line/sender name? Which messages stand out from the rest? Generally our experience of EDM has shown that the old adage “Don’t sell it, tell it” holds true for our own and our clients’ campaigns. (...Continue reading in your browser)


The summer break has been a time for revamping the compuBase web site - take a look!

The site has been re-organised to present the 3 main areas covered by compuBase:

You will find a lot of useful and interesting information available on the site particularly:

Don't hesitate to contact us if you don't find what you are looking for !



Recent compuBase statistics reveal that there are more than 23 000 companies in EMEA exercising a software publishing activity.


We can also see from the above table that management and production software are the main types of software published.

Each country or group of coutnries has a similiar repartition of companies per software type. Disparities come from the number of software publishers in each country 31% of publishers in EMEA are located in the DACH region (Germany, Austria & Switzerland) 19% in France, 11% in the Nordics and 9% in the UK .

Pure ISVs (those companies declaring to only have software publishing as their main activity) represent 69% of these companies.

These data also highlight the diversification of the software publishing activity as 31% of software publishers have another activity as their core activity.



11 721

Total number of companies declaring to work in CRM (see details below)


compuBase consulting market coverage in EMEA

This month's overview of our database content :

A complete, centrally maintained information base covering over 120,000 qualified IT company profiles in EMEA for researching and understanding your market, for business analysis and for use in marketing operations

Over 250 selection criteria available for highly tuned target selection


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