Hello [DB:Firstname], As you know if you read our March editorial, MSPs are not a homogenous group and are as difficult to apprehend as were the VARs at one time.  A uniform approach towards MSPs does not work and having a single type of partner programme for them or approaching all of them with the same programme will only lead to deception.


Jack Mandard11 reasons for partners to expand their offer to the Cloud.

1. The Cloud can only be distributed through IT partners. Enterprises will always need a trusted contact for evaluating solutions, integrating them in the legacy system, assisting with change management and encouraging connections between platforms. Partners are vital to the development of the Cloud.

2.The Cloud is not a passing trend but a fundamental transition. All analysts agree that it represents a structural change in the use of IT resources. To ignore the Cloud is to ignore the resources enabling customers to become more competitive and more pro-active, with costs directly tied to usage.

3.The Cloud enables partners to build a business based on a recurrent revenue model, offering them more visibility on their future revenue.

4.The Cloud enables partners to expand their offer and overcome hardware constraints to a certain degree. Partners can extend their managed services offers to include security, back-up, and network management, and to expand usage to include mobile computing.

5.The Cloud requires consulting services and, as for any action that changes work habits, assistance is vital. A great way for partners to add value to their consulting business is through change management services.

6.The Cloud is a plus to existing offers. The Cloud will not be the ultimate solution for all customers. This is due to various reasons, including strategic choices as well as legal and technical constraints. Thus the Cloud is not a substitution solution, and there is a need for partners knowing how to manage both on-premises and Cloud mode.

7.The Cloud allows partners to expand their customer targets. Because the Cloud can be configured for use without an initial investment, partners can use a differentiated approach to address all types of enterprises with fully-adapted offers.

8.The Cloud reduces capital consumption for partners as well, freeing up resources for better customer follow-up. This approach makes it possible to better identify and anticipate customer requirements.

9.The Cloud enables partners to be more efficient. In order to sell a product successfully... Continue reading in your browser


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