compuBase online

compuBase online is the platform used by our clients to access our database. This platform combines many features to enable precision definition of your targets and customer support for on-line users wishing to make more complex selections or data analyses.
This user-friendly access to the database is much appreciated by our clients who export over 4 000 000 files a year.

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Find all the criteria for a keyword
Easy access to your saved targets
Select an operation in a simple click
Understanding the technical terms
Added features


Find all the criteria corresponding to a keyword

To find all the criteria for a keyword, you may use the "Filter" function on the top left corner of the criteria tree.
This function highlights all the criteria corresponding to your search by keyword .
e.g: When searching for CRM skills, you will find instantly CRM software publishers, CRM- SFA software resellers, etc...

Easy access to your saved targets

To access your saved targets quickly, you can now use the index on top of the criteria tree which will lead you in just one click to the targets of your choice.
The first button "All criteria" shows the criteria tree, the second "My targets" brings you to your saved targets, the third " My company targets" leads to all the targets saved by people within your company and the fourth "Other" is presenting compuBase saved targets.

* How to save your targets?
Select your criteria.
In the "Select an action" box on the bottom right corner of your screen, choose " Save selection", pick the type of selection (A+B, B, etc..) and click OK.
A new window will open and ask for you to name and describe the target. Once completed, your target is saved.

Select an operation in a simple click

Once your selection is realised, you can now choose what you want to do in the new "Select an action" box on the bottom right corner of your screen.
This box offers you the following options for your target :
- View the companies' names and details
- Do statistics by country, Turnover, skills, etc..
- Get the number of contacts by functions
- Export your file directly
- Save or update your selection
- Ask for a quote on this target

Understanding the technical terms

To help you get a better understanding of our market and its technical evolution, we have added links to interactive dictionnaries on our plateform.
When you select a criteria, click on the Wikipedia or Google button at the bottom of the criteria tree and you will be directed
to the chosen website.
You can also use this function as a type-in box at anytime.

Added features

- To fold up the criteria tree, click on the small arrow on the right of the tree.

Download compuBase online training presentation