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Thursday, March 6th 2014

Below are the results of a Cloud Scoring performed on over 100.000 companies.

These results validate a model we set up to recruit the right Cloud partners before we qualified the whole database on “Cloud skills”, this method can also be applied to other subjects.
The scoring methodology is very interesting in a changing world because it helps to focus on the right partners before they are even active or detected as active in the targeted segment.
Comparaison of two datasets:

A - Companies in our database that have not yet qualified in «Cloud» Activities or that have not yet declared a “Cloud activity”
B - Companies in our database that have been qualified in «Cloud»  Activities
The scoring method compares each company to 20 different scoring segments giving each company a mark, the total of the mark is the scoring result.

Under “Found as active in the Cloud” are companies that we know have declared the skill “Cloud” in their skill set. 
Under “Var active vs. not yet qualified or not yet active” show that the compuBase scoring methodology extracts companies that are the most interested in “cloud recruitment” activities.

The interest of scoring is to speed up the recruitment process, it helps to focus on companies that have the profile to become Cloud partners.
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This method can be developed for other types of business such as MPS.

Jack Mandard

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